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Wood Blind (New condition)

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    Tropical Hard Wood
  • MADE IN :
    As Requested
  • Rp. 815.000
    Rp. 650.000
    (Square Meter (M2))
Product Description

Wooden Blind is customized product, it's made depend on window size (Width x Height).

Slat size 27mm, Price Rp.650,000/M2 only available in string tape. 

Slat size 35mm, Price Rp.710,000/M2 for string tape and Rp.750,000/M2 for ladder tape. 

Slat size 50mm, Price Rp.800,000/M2 for string tape and Rp.830,000/M2 for ladder tape. 

Operating system available in wood wand and cord system for 35mm and 50mm slat.  

For 27mm slat only available in wood wand operating system. 

Also available for motorized system.

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