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Most of our products are Customized, They are made depending on the requested size and the fabric that is going to be used for, such as curtains,blinds and sofas.

Production time / procurement of goods

0ur production time/procurement of goods are 3 working days the fastest or 7 working days the latest, it depends on the order quantity.

Delivery and packaging

We guarantee that all our product delivery are on time and in good packaging and condition.

Welcome to Bombay Antik

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latest products

Vitrase Sheerful Organza
100% Polyester
Rp. 300.000
Rp. 265.000
Wood Blind
Wood Blind
Tropical Hard Wood
Rp. 995.000
Rp. 697.000
Horizontal Blind
Horizontal Blind
Rp. 380.000
Rp. 266.000
Karpet Monaco
Wall To Wall Carpet
Cut Pile Heatset Fraise
Rp. 550.000
Rp. 405.000
Rainbow Blind
Rainbow Blind
100% Polyester
Rp. 1.060.000
Rp. 742.000
Roller Blind Dim Out
Roller Blind
100% Polyester
Rp. 505.000
Rp. 354.000
Smock Ring
Curtain Accessories
Rp. 15.000
Rp. 10.000
Karpet Delta
Carpet Tile
Strudon Polypropylene BCF
Rp. 400.000
Rp. 320.000